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  • ICUpro MAX is a protein supplement that is meticulously designed for the critically ill patients for satisfying ICU needs.
  • Unique MAX blend of Soluble Dietary fiber, Prebiotics, Probiotics,Bovine Colostrum.
  • ICUpro MAX is a Gluten free, Sugar free & Lactose free protein powder.

 Product Description:


  • Whey protein Isolate,
  • MCT Oil & Pre-Probiotics,
  • Vitamins & Minerals,
  • Skimmed milk Powder
  • Bovine Colostrum


1. Whey protein:

  • Feeding Critically ill Patients the Right "Whey’. 
  • Organically Derived Dairy Whey Protein Sourced from PROVITA, Germany.
  • Excellent PDCAAS = 1 with 99% Absorption; Hence 99% Bioavailability
  • Whey protein type - “Whey Protein Isolate”, (A fast absorbing  Protein).

2. MCT Oil:

  • Concentration of MCT - 70%
  • MCT Sourced from  Coconut Oil
  • Rich Source of Instant & Sustainable Energy for Critically ill Patients.
  • Acts Like Therapeutic Strategy in Hormonal Balance for Critical Patients. 
  • Enhances Body Heat Endurance. 
  • Maintains Good pH Level that Redefines Health Implications.

3. Pre Probiotics:

  • Increase Intestinal Fermentation and there by Enhance Colonic Peristalsis in Bed ridden Patients.
  • Probiotics are Effective for Preventing Antibiotic-associated Diarrhea.
  • Saccharomyces Boulardii acts like Adjunctive Therapy in Treatment In a Non Immuno-compromised Host.
Good Bacteria Good Fungi
Lactoacid Bacillus Saccharomyces boulardii

    4. Bovine Colostrum:

    • IgA & IgG rich Bovine Colostrum acts as a Antibody to fight off Diseases.
    • Lactoferin- Enrich Iron Absorptions & Stimulate Growth In Antimicrobial Activity.
    • Helpful in  Respiratory Tract Infection.
    • Leucocytes in Bovine Colostrum Defends the Body Against Bacterial infections and ingesting Foreign Materials.
    • Helps Protect the Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract Against Harmful Toxins that Penetrate and Irritate the Gut Lining.
    • Boosts Immunity, Prevents allergies & Infections, reduces Inflammation, strengthens gut & boosts metabolism.

    5. Directions for use:

    • Measure 150-200 ml of water or milk and pour into clean glass or shaker.
    • Take 2 levelled scoops approximately 30 g of ICUpro Protein powder.
    • Gradually add powder and stir briskly until the powder has completely dissolved

    6. Serving Size:

                      1 Serving : 2 Scoop = 30gm with 200ml milk or water.

    Recommended Dose
    ICU Patients 4 servings/day (QID)
    Non-ICU Patients 2 servings/day (BD)

    MCT Oil

    55% WHEY Protein

    Blend Of Probiotics

    Bovine Colostrum